Day 3

Sky above, sand below, peace within.

Our #RealMermaids started their day with a morning workout at the beach.

A mystical river experience? Yes, please!

Our #RealMermaids went paddling and kayaking through the Don Diego River; the tour ended at a Maajical spot where the river meets the ocean.

They took a break from the water activities in these beautiful tents. There was tons of food, music, laughter, and chatter.

Connecting with nature

Healing body, mind, and spirit with a sound bath
In the afternoon, the #RealMermaids went into deep-relaxation mode with a sound bathing therapy. A Tibetan practice used for centuries to raise vibrations and heal.

Day 2

The adventure begins

Our #RealMermaids started their journey with the most Maajical breakfast.

As the day went by... the weather seemed perfect for a boat ride through some of Tayrona's most beautiful beaches.

Ana Beliza

The trendy

Merry Go Round
One Piece


Laura Tobón

The glamorous

Long Dress


Galerie Lucky


Galerie Flash


Hi Maaji Lover!

Welcome to Colombia...

an endless source of inspiration, color, and Maajical surrealism. We’re now in one of the most amazing places to visit in Colombia:


A private spot in the middle of the jungle.

Get ready to discover this hidden gem through the eyes of our #RealMermaids

Belen Hostalet

The minimalist

She is a nomadic woman with a talent to capture breathtaking destinations through the lenses of her camera—a creative early bird in love with art, fashion, and @alohaporras.

Collage Vintage

The Romantic

She hunts for vintage treasures in every single one of her destinations, with a thing for romanticism, nostalgia, and retro vibes. She embodies feminine power and self-expression through fashion.

Xenia Adonts

The edgy

She is head over heels for her family, especially her sisters. The most important values for her, as a #RealMermaid, are honesty, authenticity, and being true to herself.

Daniela Salcedo

The accessory guru

A Colombian beauty with a unique style! Fun, playful, and risk taker. She is taking the world by storm with her entrepreneurial attitude and creativity.

Ana Beliza

The trendy

With Ana, beauty not only comes from the outside; she is kind, caring, and nurturing, with a fun-loving nature. Her killer style and unique sense of fashion make her an inspiring #RealMermaid.

Laura Tobón

The glamorous

She is a talented woman with an infinite charisma, a smile that brightens up any room, and a compassionate heart. Laura does it all: she is a Colombian TV hostess, fashion lover, and activist.

Stay tuned to get the inside scoop on our trip to beautiful Tayrona, Colombia!