A letter from a #RealMermaid
to our #RealMermaids

Finding The Silver Lining

Paulina is a dreamer, a visionary, a creative soul, a Maajic maker, and a team member for five years now; she is truly an inspiration for the Maaji team. Last year she went through a hard moment that came to her as a shock: she struggled with breast cancer, and she wants to tell us that it is possible to find the silver lining even through times of hardship. She wrote an inspiring message to our Maaji Community, and we want to share it with you, since it is in each of us to take the good out of the bad!

Dear Real Mermaids,  

We all know we are dealing with a tough situation, where we may get desperate, lose our faith, or be mad because our life plans have abruptly changed. But what if I tell you this could be one of your most significant life gifts? You may probably say I sound too optimistic. Still, I want to speak to you from my perspective.

Last year, around this same time, I was struggling with breast cancer and found that, indeed, you can find life-changing gifts through tough situations. For me, these two or three months looked bleak; I had trouble understanding it, mainly because I was a joyful person, active, full of energy and life, and from one day to another, my life seemed to be falling apart, like it was over.

That moment, when I thought it couldn't get any worse, was the moment when the universe sent me the most beautiful message through Valeria Arango, my doctor, mentor, friend, and inspiration. She said: "life's biggest gifts often come wrapped in newspaper, not a beautiful paper like we would expect."

What a beautiful and true message! Since that moment, I promised myself to carefully take challenging situations and unwrap them so that I didn’t miss anything that was inside, and guess what? I ended up finding not one gift, but many of the most Maajical gifts I’ve ever received in life: I received a gift of love from my family, co-workers, friends; a gift of unconditionality; a gift of miracles that made me recover; a gift of service through the doctors & nurses that put their hearts into my case; a gift of learning how to be patient, faithful; a gift of gratitude to all the MAAJIC that is always happening around us, like nature, the sun, waking up with plenty of health, being able to exercise; a gift of being a testimony of hope, gratitude, and an inspiration to others that need it. 

So today, I want to take this time to ask you to stop for a minute & unwrap this tough situation slowly, so that you find the MAAJIC inside. Ask yourself: what can you be grateful for throughout this situation? What can you learn? What can you teach others during this time? What passions or hobbies can you re-start? What family members can you get close to again? What things can you try for the first time? What is that one thing you'll promise yourself to do after this is over? What can you give to others? Your time, your presence, your advice, maybe just your smile? Let's use this time to set our intentions. What do you want in life? What is your biggest dream? How do you want to feel?

As one of my greatest guides in life, Joe Dispenza, says, let's use this time to CREATE, to find COHERENCE among our thoughts, feelings, and actions; to raise our self-frequency and the world's vibration.

You have already seen what love does! You have felt what it feels seeing that we are all in this together, you've got those goosebumps just by watching the videos of people caring for each other, singing in their balconies, of doctors working hard to save lives.

Today I am extending an invitation to everyone who wants to join to create a new reality. It's easy! Just take 20 minutes every day to meditate, visualizing, and FEELING (that's the key here, not just thinking about it, but feeling intensely) how you want the world to be, what you want to become. Stay feeling the love, happiness, health, wealth—Maajic that's all around during these 20 minutes!

Visualize how the planet heals, how everyone starts feeling better, and happily going out again. I'm confident we will all exchange this fear for love, we will raise the universal life energy, and soon start seeing a new world reality, it will be the result of the universe aligning with our intentions and new higher vibrations.

Let's make this pandemic, into another newspaper-wrapped gift that brings us together, helps us awaken and understand that we can create a new reality, that we can find MAAJIC all around—and that ultimately, it has always been near us.

Are you in to raise the world's energy and to create a new world reality?
Let's find the gifts & make the MAAJIC happen together! And hey, don't forget to wash your hands & practice social distancing in the meantime, it is the most significant act of empathy we can do right now!

With love to our Maaji Community,
Paulina Madrid. 

We Need Maajic
More Than Ever